MEC belongs to the Delachaux Group, presents in Paris Stock Exchange, with many subsidiaries worldwide. MEC designs and produces equipments based on various operating principles: magnetic, electro-magnetic, electro-permanent and vacuum systems for lifting and handling heavy steel products.
MEC designs and produces also equipments for the magnetic separation and for the recovery and recycling plants. The range of applications is very wide: quarries and mines, wood treatment, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and environmental engineering companies in general.
Thanks to over more than 30 years; MEC has come to know the typical constraints of each specific application field. Using modern computer systems to optimize the magnetic circuits and powerful 3d-cad workstations, to realize the highest performances, Mec offers top quality equipments to match the needs of industry dropping the costs.
MEC supplies a very proffessional know how and a very reactive post sale service. This way of working allowed MEC to stand out near the more selected National and International clientele.

  Electromagnetic constructions - Electropermanent magnets - Vacuum lifters - Magnetic separation plants