MEC selfcleaning electromagnetic separators, allow to separate with the greatest efficiency ferrous material of whatever size. Thanks to over than thirty years of experience in the separation field MEC imposes itself on Nationaland International market like ideal partner for any kind of industry working in the recycling and recovery sector for very high quality standards and reliability of its products.

Using our selfcleaning electromagnetic separators, crushers, mills, and other processing machines can be protected from early wear and damage, due to the presence of unwanted ferrous particles.

MEC selfcleaning separators equipped with supporting framework, electrical switchboard for feeding, control and monitoring are projected and realized in order to guarantee the maximum pulling-out efficiency, and they are well known throughout the world for their painstaking design and long durability.

MEC designs and produces a wide range of electromagnetic or magnetic separators with selfcleaning belt for automatic evacuation of the tramp iron or, where the process conditions allow, with manual cleaning.

MEC usually works in strictcontact with the technical department of the most important engineering companies so as to optimize the synergies and the different experiences acquired over the years.

Upon request the supply can include the supporting framework, with the possible adjustment of the magnet height over the conveyor belt, manually orautomatically with the helpof an screw jack; the electrical switchboard for feeding, control and monitoring. We can also provide the signals interface with the existing plant automation system.

MEC designs and produces electromagnetic drums with radial or longitudinal poles. The range of possible applications is very wide: from recovery of iron from crushing systems or from foundry sands, to the recovery of tramp iron or scrap in the heavy steel plants, to recycling sector in general, where the demand is constantely increasing and where the ferrous material is pulled out from different types of plants.

Upon specific demand MEC supply can include a vibratory feeder and a discharge hopper, the driving system with a gearmotor with chain or belt, the electrical switchboard for feeding, control and monitoring. Like for other machines MEC is able to supply the properly designed mechanical supporting framework. MEC designs and produces electromagnetic or magnetic pulleys with different diameters and lenghts.

The recovery of non ferrous metals like copper, aluminium, brass and magnesium is a very important phase in every recycling process. For this purpose MEC designs and produces a specific separator for a wide range of applications like recycling and treatment of glass, plastic, wood, urban garbage, crushing plants, electronic boards, electriccables... The physical principle is based on the Eddy Current generation.

A greatest care has been taken in the project and in the execution in order to reduce the possibility that some impurities felt down in the inner part of the belt, damaging the separator, and in order to increase the wear resistance of the ceramic-coated drum containing the Neodymium magnets. Particular attention has been paid during the use of a special dynamic balancing machine, in order to guarantee good working and safety. Special importance has this kind of operation in the separators with very wide belt (2000 mm).

As option to the standard supply, MEC can offer to the customer a whole series of accessories like vibratory feeder, rotating cleaning brush for the belt, discharge hoppers, and possible protection casing which can be used also to close the machine. We can provide also anti-vibrating supports to reduce the negative influence of the vibrations on the plant structure.

MEC designs and produces also the electric switchboard to feed, control and monitor its machines, indispensable to guarantee reliability of the whole supply, with the consequent issue of the certifications and the EC mark.

Very important characteristic of our Eddy current separator is the C-shaped supporting overhanging framework of the machine. This shrewdness allows one or two operators to change the belt, if necessary, in only 30 min, without the help of any cranes, but only dismantling some parts of the casing system.

MEC designs and produces special magnetic separators, with a very high intensity of magnetic field. This kind of machine is used above all in the foundries for the separation of chromite, the recovery of olivine, or it is used by producers of ceramics for black and white sands treatment. The contact magnetic field of the separator drum can reach 7000 Gauss and the possible modular development allows to get to 10.000 Gauss in the evacuation residual zone. It is available also a "wet" version similar to this machine, that works using a double principle, the magneticone and the fluctuation of the material in a flux of water.

Very simple devices, but essential in some working processes are the magnetic grids in Ferrite or Neodymium available with all dimensions and for themore different applications. Considering the "drawermagnetic grid" we have also an automatic version where there is the possibility to open up the drawer to facilitate the cleanliness.

The cleanliness of liquids and viscous sticky products can be done by magnetpot. Inside the metallic pipe is inserted a magnetic cone, that is able to capture metallic particles of different granulometry. If required we can supply a version with an hot water jacket inside, to allow the other flux to remain fluid without solidificating.

MEC designs and produces a special separator, that doesn't use magnetic principle. The gravimetric table works using a controlled combination of vibrations and flux of air. The range of applications is very wide, from quarries and mines to kompost systems, to recovery of cables and other plastic materials "contaminated" with ferrous particles.

MEC designs and proposes a wide range of metal detectors, with a very different sensitivity, for the more different applications.

MEC is able to supply the largest range of products and systems for the magnetic separation. MEC will be pleased to invite all the customers in the testing laboratory to prove directly on the machines the material to separate, so as to guarantee the best separation efficiency.

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