Since its foundation more then 30 years ago, MEC had like business core the designing and the execution of electromagnetic - electropermanent - vacuum systems to handle and to move heavy steel products. Thanks to over more than 30 years of experience in the lifting magnetic field, with a lot of constructed plants all over the world, MEC is recognized both in National and International scenario for the very high quality standard and for the long durability of its products.

MEC designs and produces circular or oval electromagnets particularly effective and appreciated for the handling of common scrap, cast iron or sheets block. MEC is well known like manufacturer of very sturdy electromagnets for all kind of scrap, and it has also developed a lighter and smaller wide series of circular electromagnets, ideal both for cleanliness of iron scrap, and for the installation on the mobile cranes properly equipped. Our magnets are able to work with a temperature up to 650 °C.

The electromagnets produced by MEC differ for the very high depth and density of the magnetic field lines, that allow to move the maximum volume of material. Thanks to the use of special strengthen steel-manganese plates in the parts of the magnets with higher wear MEC is able to guarantee a very long working life to the magnets.

MEC designs and produces, for specific applications, lifting electromagnets with special pole shoes, shaped according to the material to be handled, so as to guarantee a better lifting efficiency. Thanks to this shrewdness it is possible to lift with extreme high safety, coils of sheets, wire rod, or rod, with vertical or horizontal axis.

MEC designs and produces a series of lifting systems based on the vacuum principle, for the handling and the movement of materials, (metallic pipes in the pictures).

This device is designed with a series of vacuum lifting systems, called "suction cup", linked to the vacuum plant through special rapid connectors, that allow the hold or the release of the pipe on which have been grabbed.

For the safety pipes handling, if requested, MEC can supply a double pair of mechanical arms, that close the package of pipes completely, and in order to avoid the unbalancing of the whole system due to a nonsymmetric load, MEC has designed an automatic balancing system. The whole lifting device is controlled by a proper PLC.

The vacuum system has been projected also for less complex systems like fork lift trucks.

MEC designs and produces rectangular electromagnets with two or three magnetic poles with different sizes to lift and transport steel blocks, slabs, plates, rods, billets, bars. Our magnets are able to move hot materials up to 650 °C.

MEC is able to supply the more demanding customers with a whole plant which consists of: electromagnets / electropermanent-magnets, fixed or telescopic beams, electrical switchboards for feeding, control and monitoring, set of batteries, cable reels produced by Delachaux Group, and also the installation and starting up operations on the crane. This "turn key" plant allows MEC to furnish a full guarantee for the plant with consequent issue of the certifications and the EC mark.


If necessary for the handling and the movement of billets,bundle of bars, slabs, MEC designs and produces motorized telescopic beams, with rotational device. Recently MEC has produced a motorized telescopic lattice-beams of new conception that is 20-meter long.

MEC designs and produces magnets for material handlers or fork lift trucks of different power and sizes. A modern conception is proposed by MEC with a special magnet with the DC-Generator inside the cast body, avoiding the difficult positioning of the same inside the mobile device.

MEC designs and produces magnetic devices used in the automation systems like the ones in the pictures. The use of these ones allows to increase remarkably the productivity of the whole plant.

MEC designs and produces a wide range of electromagnetic brakes and electromagnetic rollers, very important for the iron and steel industry.

MEC designs and produces also the electrical switchboards to feed and to control the machines, very important to guarantee reliability of the complete supply, with consequent issue of EC mark. To guarantee very fast magnetization or de-magnetization time, MEC utilizes a special converter.

MEC repairs and rebuilds all kinds of magnets or electromagnets out of order, also devices of the competitors.
Thanks to very high standards and to the qualified process of reparation, with the use of high-tech materials, we are able to guarantee the repaired magnet like a new one.

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